Katie Guest is a 26- year old triathlete, graduate student, avid traveler and photographer based in Southern Oregon. Originally hailing from Canada she has now lived as an expat for 7 years in the United States. 

Katie has always been most competitive around water. She has deep-seeded drive and passion for athletics (that don't involve throwing anything). Her inner adventurous streak pushes her to try nearly anything and go almost anywhere. 

As a child Katie swam for 7 years before switching to rowing for another 7 years. Her near 6-foot stature and family lineage of rowers garnered the attention of U.S. colleges which is where she found herself studying for her bachelor's degree. She competed as a Division I NCAA Scholarship athlete for 4 years on the varsity rowing team at the University of Miami, Fla. 

After retiring from elite-level rowing Katie decided to stick with a water sport and found herself loving triathlons. She had been cycling for her commute and cross-training for over a decade so the fit was simple. In her first racing year she finished on the podium at every single race. 

Going into her third competitive season Katie hopes to keep getting faster and climbing the podium at every racing opportunity. Her goal is to finish in the top rankings at the Age Group National Championships in August of this year. Katie is also now fortunate to be sponsored by brands she personally aligns with going into this season. 

Check out Katie's upcoming racing schedule here.

NAME:                   Katie

BIRTH DATE:         October 25

HEIGHT:                5'10

HOMETOWN:          Toronto, ON, Canada


EDUCATION:          Graduate Student, Cal State University 

                                   EMT Cert., Rogue C. College, OR

                                   B.Sc., University of Miami, FL

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