Gear Review: SPY Optic Sunglasses

December 17, 2017

I may like the wind blowing my hair (in the right direction) but oh, do I hate the wind in my eyeballs! To the point of wearing my seeing glasses on the bike if it's a desperate moment!


I have the SPY Flyer's from SPY Optical with their signature SEE HAPPY lenses. This is my first pair of high end racing glasses. Growing up rowing my policy was "I can't have nice things" because of the number of times I had to dive off the dock to help search the water for a very pricey pair of sunnies someone had dropped. 



The sunglasses came with a carry case and were so clean I washed my hands so I wouldn't mark them up before I first put them on!


I was wary when I first tried the frames because the arms are thicker. I wear my hair very tightly braided when I race and it drives me batty if my sunglasses pull the hair out of the braid. I get the Einstein look and it's just bad all around- don't wanna scare the crowd. 


Turns out the wide/ thicker arms actually help hold my hair in place! I now prefer that style and so does the photographer at the finish line!


The Happy lenses are designed to give you a clearer view- I didn't notice a huge difference but I have yet to be in bright bright summer conditions. So far they do a nice job blocking the shiny albedo off of snow. The dark blue Spectra lenses that I have in there now match my bike and my personality so I love that about them. 


The one aspect I would like to see improved would be the stiffness of the nose pads- I noticed mine move pretty easily. This is great for adjustment so the glasses stay up, but they're so bendable that they can widen back out after a long session of running. 


I would recommend the Flyers specifically for road cyclists and triathletes. Even though the brand is typically known for snow and skate sports they did a great cross over into road sports with this style. 


SPY Optic Flyers:


Disclaimer: I am a sponsored member of the SPY Grassroots team and although I am provided product at discounted rate, my review is an honest opinion of the product. 

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